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Table tennis betting site in India: earn money on your favorite discipline

Clients can predict the results of dozens of disciplines in our company, 1xBet. So there is an opportunity, including making a bet on table tennis. This format of predictions is trendy. The rules are pretty simple. In each game, the athlete, who first gains 11 points, wins. The game lasts until 3 or 5 wins in sets. It is easy to understand the gameplay’s structure; accordingly, betting on table tennis will also be accessible.

Initially, users only need to register with our company and top up their balance. After that, they will get a starting reward, as well as access to the full functionality. For example, the ability to make a table tennis bet. Since the platform covers competitions from all over the world, this option will almost always be available.

Player options to bet on table tennis

The simplest version of the prediction is to bet on the victory of one of the athletes. However, betting online on table tennis can be more unusual. For example, it is easy to predict:

  • Handicap. Such a bet on table tennis assumes that you predict not just the victory of one player but a specific advantage. Therefore, such a betting format is rational only if there is a clear favorite in the match.
  • The number of sets. It is one of the most popular betting selections. Table tennis live betting on the number of sets is particularly advantageous. During the match, you will see whose side the advantage is. Based on this, it is easy to make predictions on how many sets the game will last.
  • Other statistics. For example, the duration of the encounter, the number of double faults, etc.

Anyone can make betting on table tennis and predict precisely the result they think is right. As a result, hundreds of markets are usually available, even for ordinary encounters.
It is also possible to predict the winner of a tournament at the very beginning. Long-term predictions are good because high quotes accompany them. For example, the top table tennis odds will be available on the tournament favorites. It will make it possible to win big.

Bets format Features
Pre-match Prediction of the outcome of events that will begin soon
Live Betting on matches that take place live

Choose the suitable format for your forecast, state your opinion, and the profit will not keep you waiting.

Specifics of betting on matches from the world of table tennis

Each discipline has its own rules and regulations. These should be remembered when making a bet on table tennis. For example, it is necessary to keep in mind the latest indicators of the opponents, the style of play, and the schedule of the competition. All this can affect the results.

It is also possible to predict the outcome of doubles. In them, the chemistry of partners and their mutual understanding go first. Take it all into account, and the table tennis live betting or pre-match predictions will be successful.

To play in the company even more conveniently, download the program for iOS or the apk file for Android. Install the application, and all the matches will be in the palm of your hand. You can find out our offers, provided you have a stable connection to the Internet. The download of the table tennis betting app will take a little time. But you will open up entirely new possibilities with it.

Specifics of betting on matches from the world of table tennis Specifics of betting on matches from the world of table tennis